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Horrible Writing with Paul Sating

May 27, 2018

Author Aditi Wardhan Singh and I talk about what it means to be brave using your cultural experiences in your writing. She was a wealth of quotes and brought her kick-ass attitude. A passionate humanist who wants to make the world a better place, she walks the walk by running Raising World Children. We talk about why...

May 20, 2018

Publishing on Amazon wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be.
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May 13, 2018

I idolize what this writer does, so it was an honor to get to chat with Chris Fox. He comes on to talk about something very empowering (to all of us, writers or not), that can change our lives. Even if you're not a Horrible Writing fan, I encourage you to give a listen to what he has to say. We talk about mindset,...

May 8, 2018

What is #cockygate? What's the controversy? 'Cocky' is 'just' a word, after all, isn't it? Writer/screenwriter/lawyer Kevin Kneupper filed a Cancel Petition with the Trademark office & comes on the show to talk about why this is a situation, why writers (and readers) should care, and what he's doing to help us.

Note to...

May 6, 2018

Two listener emails discussed themes central to the community, so I address why a healthy community can be the difference for a writer.