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Horrible Writing with Paul Sating

May 8, 2018

What is #cockygate? What's the controversy? 'Cocky' is 'just' a word, after all, isn't it? Writer/screenwriter/lawyer Kevin Kneupper filed a Cancel Petition with the Trademark office & comes on the show to talk about why this is a situation, why writers (and readers) should care, and what he's doing to help us.

Note to Horrible Writing fans: this is a SPECIAL episode and does not follow the typical theme of the show.

Please support Kevin for the good work he's doing for the community. You can find his "They Who Fell" series on Amazon.

You can find him on Facebook and on Twitter at (@kneupperwriter).

One author, Tara Crescent, has had many of her books taken down by Amazon. Check her out and see if you can support her by picking up some of her available books.

Twitter user @WordSugarDesign has offered to help those negatively impacted (see this tweet). You might be able to support here on her website.

Let's rise as a community and support those who need us.

Thank you.