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Horrible Writing with Paul Sating

Oct 15, 2018

Joanna Penn is an inspiration to the writing community, especially to those of us drinking from the fire hose, trying to understand all that comes with getting published. I've admired her drive and focus for nearly two years now--so I decided to sit down and talk to her about it.

Find out:
- Is your ladder against the wrong wall?
- Does she think drive/focus are inherent traits or developed?
- Where hers comes from & how she sustains it.
- Why she said, "find your true north."
- Why did she tell me to, "just stop that!"?
- What does she mean by "focus on the verb, not the noun?"

You can find all of her non-fiction books & podcast here.

Want to check out her fiction (I am!)? You can find all her fiction here.

She's awesome & has helped me immensely. Please check out her books & podcast!