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Horrible Writing with Paul Sating

Mar 6, 2019

Do you enjoy listening to fiction? Here’s a special episode supercut of all 12 episodes of YOU, my Patreon-exclusive fan-determined adventure, where the fans decide where the story goes.

I’m currently fundraising so I can fund the 3rd season of Subject: Found and the follow-on to Who Killed Julie?. Without this critical funding, those shows will disappear.

Patrons not only get this podcast, but they receive YOU and, starting in the spring of 2019, they’ll also be receiving my new medieval epic fantasy, Crown of Thieves, which will only be published for Patrons & for resale (there will be no free, public release of that show beyond the 1st episode).

Creating, writing, and producing audio drama is extremely expensive and not sustainable without personal funds being invested. As a solo-creator, I can no longer fund those shows and rely on my Patrons to keep Horrible Writing and The Stories We Tell podcasts going. That’s why they’re getting two exclusive audio dramas, plus other fiction when it’s ready.

Indies need a community to survive. If you’ve enjoyed Subject: Found, Who Killed Julie?, Diary of a Madman, Atheist Apocalypse, Horrible Writing, (and will enjoy The Stories We Tell) then please consider becoming a Patron. The donation levels start at $1/MONTH (not per episode); an incredible steal for all the content you get.

If you want to enjoy tons of exclusives each month, become a Patron today!